From the first step in Estufa Fria, I felt miles away from Europe, like in a tropical forest bringing together all the tropical plants I’ve ever dreamt to see in one place. Immediately surrounded by huge Strelitzia climbing to the “roof”, everything felt instantly soothing. I decided to go straight to the left where huge leaves and Strelitzia flowers was catching my eyes.

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Guided by cute little birdsongs, you can walk through a massive variety of plants until a huge Monstera wall. Ferns, tropical big leaves and a little pond with ducks make you dive in a tropical mood.

A tropical rainforest in Lisbon

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Most of the place was sheltered by a kind of wood blinds : it creates the perfect shade for extreme sunny days and give the inside such a special atmosphere!

This botanical garden is perfect in Spring and Summer to appreciate flowers blooming and birds singing. It just like you dive into a tropical rainforest!

Whatever you are a plant addict or just want to take a break from the busy city, this place will welcome you. Take a sit and feel the tropical vibes!

The cactus greenhouse

At the bend of one of the alleys is a small cactus greenhouse that is full of magnificent species. They must have been there for a long time judging by their size. My favorite: this Opuntia rufida you can see below.

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